The Force is overrated: FACT!

Why when Obi-Wan is riding his Boga why does he get no sense of precognition that he’s about to be shot by the clones and their big gun?

Why on the Federation Battleship at the start of The Phantom Menace can’t Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Force push the Droid Dakars away. Why is it a stalemate yet again?

Why do none of the Jedi’s around the galaxy manage to sense that they are about to get whacked when Order 66 kicks off?

Why do none of them managed to fight their way out of the Order 66 situation if they are that badass?

Why does Palpatine manage to carve up so many top-ranking Jedi’s when they come to arrest him? They look like they’d had no training in sword-fighting at all.

Why was it impossible for me to think up a better strapline than ‘A right Yoda rubbish’ when I know for a fact that numerous games magazines have used it countless times before?

So what have we learned? Yes Star Wars: The Force Unleashed looks good and you canread all our blababout it here. Yes I’ve taken some liberties with the canon/non-canon thing by chucking inSupershadow’s extremely unofficial list.Yes I know most of those characters appear only in the books and comics and are not entirely relevant to a discussion of The Force as depicted in the six movies. Yes I deliberately stayed away from The Clone Wars movies as the cartoon depiction of The Force is again out of whack with what we see in the films proper. And you know what, I don’t care. The fundamental truth is that The Force, as depicted in the live action movies, is more often than not inconstant, a bit weak and apparently only of use in getting dimboid Stormtroopers to look elsewhere for droids, and impressing furry dwarves by making Threepio float around in his chair like a big gay golden god. Han was right all along.

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