The first of Ghost Recon Breakpoint's two "major updates" will focus on AI teammates

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Ubisoft has detailed "two major title updates" coming to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint later this year. 

While we already knew Ubisoft had planned to drop extra content soon, a new blog post gives us more details about what's coming up, including confirmation that the first update will drop at the "end of spring" – so soon – and the second in fall later this year. 

"We were thrilled by your reactions when we introduced the AI teammates and wanted to keep improving on them," the team said, before explaining that the first title update – 4.0.0 – will focus on the AI teammates. 

"We knew that adding them to the game was only the first step, and we are happy to announce that their capabilities will be further improved based on your feedback," the post explains. 

"The Teammate Experience Update is focused on improving your experience with your AI squad, while also adding some community requested features. Discover a new XP progression for your AI squad, and unlock new passive skills and abilities as you play. A dedicated quest log will also be available for you to experiment with the new AI squad features, while rewarding you with cool and exclusive rewards."

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As for the second major update? Ubisoft says this information is "classified" but details will be revealed "later this year", promising it will be "one of the biggest operations so far".

"Our vision is to continue adding on to what we have built together since the launch of the game, including more customization, progression, and added replay-ability, among others. Furthermore, we will continue to add quality and technical improvements to the game," the blog post adds. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched back in 2019 to generally middling reviews criticizing the open-world, the alarming amount of microtransactions, and myriad technical issues. GamesRadar's Ghost Recon Breakpoint review called it buggy, repetitive, and ultimately "a step backwards for the franchise".

It didn't take long for Ubisoft to release a statement explaining why it thought people didn't like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and its plans for the future. Now more than a year later, Ubisoft has introduced several updates aimed at improving the game; some of the more substantial additions being AI teammates and Immersive mode, which gives you the ability to turn off gear score.

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