The first Men in Black International trailer reunites Thor and Valkyrie as alien-wrangling agents

Men in Black International's first trailer is here and it's definitive proof that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson look as good in suits as they did in their Thor: Ragnarok armor. The new start for the film series sets the trilogy-spanning adventures of Agent J and Agent K aside to focus on a new duo of secret operatives within MIB's London branch.

Despite the change in cast, the overall premise and tone are familiar straight away: aliens live amongst us, most of them are friendly (or at least goofy), and a few bad apples need to be managed with the help of oversized, chromed-out weaponry. The neuralyzer, AKA memory-erasing flashy thing, also remains an essential tool for keeping the general citizenry of Earth unaware of all the uncanny things happening around them.

While Agent J was recruited from the NYPD after an extraterrestrial encounter in the first MIB film, Tessa Thompson's Agent M tracks down and joins MIB herself. She's a conspiracy theorist, basically, but one who is actually right. Chris Hemsworth's Agent H is the experienced and suave, well, suave-ish one. F. Gary Gray, who you might know as the director of both Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious, is leading the production.

Men in Black International is slated to hit theaters in summer 2019. Given that it's a Sony production and has nothing to do with Marvel or Disney, I know the chances of a crossover where Agents M and H apprehend themselves as Thor and Valkyrie (who are technically aliens) are minimal, but I can always dream.

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Connor Sheridan

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