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The first Destiny 2 Season of Dawn trailer brings back the Red Legion and Saint-14

Ahead of a full reveal stream coming tomorrow, December 4, today Bungie released a whopper of a trailer for the Season of Dawn, the next chapter in Destiny 2 Year 3. The season is set to kick off later this month, and judging from this trailer, it'll take us back to Mercury to face both the Red Legion and the Vex in a time-bending fight to preserve history and save the legendary Titan Saint-14. 

As expected, the events of the Season of Dawn are directly connected to the finale of the Season of the Undying, namely the Vex Offensive and its Final Assault update. As Osiris explains in the new trailer, "When you slew the Undying Mind, you changed the course of history. Now time is broken on Mercury, fractured by the [Red] Legion. They intend to write a new history, a new ending to the Red War." 

Osiris' narration also introduces one of the biggest narrative beats that Destiny 2 has seen in ages. "If you're willing to help, you'll need to walk the corridors of time, and you'll need my Sundial to do it," he says. "I built it so that an ally of mine could cheat death. I failed to help him, and his death remains my greatest regret." 

Oh yeah, baby. Saint-14, the original owner of one of the best Titan Exotics ever made and "the greatest Titan who ever lived," is back. And he's got a shotgun, a Russian accent, and a bone to pick with the Vex, who are also major players in the Season of Dawn in addition to the Cabal's Red Legion. 

This is the first step in Bungie's plan to connect seasons through meaningful story moments, and it looks to be going well so far. The Season of Dawn is looking to build on the Season of the Undying, revisit the Red War, resurrect Saint-14, and revitalize Mercury. All good stuff so far.

Speaking of good stuff, here's a rapid-fire list of the other features and additions we spotted in the trailer: 

  • The Sundial, a new six-player activity with Red Legion and Vex enemies, including Champions
  • At least two new Exotics, seemingly a pulse rifle and scout rifle 
  • Elimination mode and the returning Rusted Lands map for PvP
  • Different generations of Vex enemies plucked from different eras
  • New finishers, emotes, and armor sets

That's quite the appetizer, and this all comes on the heels of the big Solar subclass update which will also arrive in the Season of Dawn. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about how an independent Year 3 season would fair without a DLC to hold it up, but things are looking bright for the time being. 

For more details on how season passes work, check out our Destiny 2 season pass guide. 

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