The first 30 minutes of Dead Island 2 have leaked online

Dead Island 2 screenshot
(Image credit: Deep Silver)

30 minutes of Dead Island 2 footage has leaked online ahead of the game's launch this week.

Last week, we reported that Dead Island 2 had broken its street date 10 days before launch, with multiple users claiming to have received the game early. Now, one of those users has apparently posted 30 minutes of brand new, unseen gameplay from Dead Island 2 on YouTube for all to see.

The full gameplay video actually kicks off from the very outset of the zombie horror game. We're treated to a fair few minutes of cinematics of characters bundling their way onto an escape plane, before someone on board becomes infected and the entire thing goes to hell. Standard zombie apocalypse stuff, really.

From there though, the player is given the chance of stepping into the shoes of a select few characters on board the crashing plane, who they'll then play as for the rest of Dead Island 2. Keep this in mind if you're picking up the game later this week - once you make the decision of who to play as, there's no going back.

The latter half of the 30-minute video is some zombie-slaying action, as limbs and other body parts alike fly everywhere from a storm of melee attacks. If you wanted a good idea of how Dead Island 2 actually plays once you're past the tutorial and out into the open world, this will give you a pretty good idea.

Dead Island 2 is slated to launch this Friday, April 21, across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, after many long years of delayed development. 

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Hirun Cryer

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