The 'exclusives' that aren't exclusive

Splinter Cell: Conviction
The official line is simply that the game couldn't be achieved on any other platform. If a game is developed from the ground up for one specific console, the result is likely to be higher quality, as it's suited to that machine's strengths.

Sure, that's very true. But the original Splinter Cell and its gorgeous lighting was supposedly something only the first Xbox could do. And look what happened to that. Even the technologically inferior PS2 did it convincingly. And it's not like the new game is based on motion sensitivity. Every feature Xbox 360 has could theoretically be accomplished on PS3.

The bottom line is that every previous Splinter Cell game has appeared at launch on Xbox and then been ported to similar hardware. Therefore, it would be unsurprising to see a PS3 version at some point in the future.

Above: Splinter Cell: Conviction sounds like being a great title. But not for PS3? Really?

The official line: "Play both sides of the same war and experience two unique game systems, exclusively for thePlayStation 3computer entertainment system this holiday season."

Again, the words 'this holiday season' hold a certain ambiguity. Does that mean it's PS3-exclusive for this Christmas and then could be released on other consoles? At the moment, the game is down for a PS3-only release, but a quick glance through old press releases clearly states the game has been in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Perhaps this is an example of the new breed of 'exclusive' game. One console manufacturer can pay for a limited exclusivity deal so that they get the game's initial sales all to itself. Then, when the exclusivity runs out, everyone else can pick up sales from the residual interest. We should point out that this is only conjecture regarding Haze (and ultimately all of these games), but considering a 360 version almost certainly already exists, as with the rest, we're convinced it's just a matter of time.

Justin Towell

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