The 'exclusives' that aren't exclusive

The official line: "Designed from the ground up for consoles, it is a fusion of next-gen technology, superior design, and top-notch production values."

So no PC version, eh? Not likely. The game has been designed with consoles in mind, it's true. The use of a controller is apparently innovative for the RTS genre. We don't doubt it. But there are two reasons why a PC version of the Tom Clancy spin-off is highly likely.

Firstly, the game can be controlled entirely through voice command. It isn't the best way to play it, as the pad has been the focus throughout development. But when Ubisoft claims that the game's AI is good enough to direct everything by voice, we do wonder why that means PC gamers can't play. They do have headsets, you know.

Above: EndWar - if it can be controlled entirely by voice, why not release it on PC?

And secondly, PC gamers also have joypads. In fact, they even have a version of the Xbox 360 controller - and you can plug PS2 pads in with an adaptor. So long as the game is showing graphics on the screen and there's sound coming from the speakers, what's stopping PC gamers from enjoying the game in exactly the same way? If a keyboard and mouse is really out of the question for EndWar, why not just say so on the box or offer an optional combined DVD-ROM/controller bundle? If the game's good enough, it's certainly worth the risk.

Justin Towell

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