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The evolution of videogame zombies

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Eternal Darkness was a game known for springing unique tricks and twists on its players, but one of the biggest was that its battlefield was presided over by three dark, nigh-omnipotent forces of evil, and depending on which one you chose to oppose at the beginning of the game, the zombies you face throughout would be different. Red ones were physically tougher than all the others, blue ones could deal out magical damage, green ones could have adverse effects on your character’s sanity, and the black ones – which were present no matter which path you chose – were kind of weak and skeletal and not really much of a threat. Still, the prospect of facing an entirely different kind of zombie – and earning different endings as you chose all three paths – was a cool feature, and was one of the many reasons Eternal Darkness was as incredible a game as it was.

Mikel Reparaz
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