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The evolution of videogame zombies

Disposition: Volatile

Even though the first-ever 3D zombie had made history the month before, the 2D zombies of the world weren’t about to let themselves be outdone by some ridiculous smoke-and-mirrors gimmick. Their first response was to up the ante in Doom by getting their hands on some rifles, which they’d occasionally fire – sometimes at each other – while pacing around aimlessly and trying to aim in the direction of the player. They were a little pathetic, but trying to aim a futuristic firearm while you’re dead and/or possibly possessed by ancient demons is no mean feat. Seriously, try it sometime. Let us know how that goes.

Mikel Reparaz
After graduating from college in 2000 with a BA in journalism, I worked for five years as a copy editor, page designer and videogame-review columnist at a couple of mid-sized newspapers you've never heard of. My column eventually got me a freelancing gig with GMR magazine, which folded a few months later. I was hired on full-time by GamesRadar in late 2005, and have since been paid actual money to write silly articles about lovable blobs.