The evolution of Final Fantasy summons


As summoned in: 3, 4 (2US), 5, 6 (3US), 7, 8, 9, 10, 3DS, 4DS

Signature attack: Hell Fire

The volcanic arch-fiend Ifrit is a Final Fantasy regular. He appears in just about every Final Fantasy game that contains summons, and is usually the first one you acquire. You’ve spent untold hours with him at your side, smiting monsters from Argus to Zanarkand. Now, you can see all Ifrit’s summon animations in one place: right here on the GamesRadar.

As summoned in: 3, 4 (2US), 5, 7, 9, 3DS, 4DS, 13

Signature attack: Gaia’s Wrath

Final Fantasy’s Titan predates both the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and James Cameron’s billion-dollar film Titanic. But all three of those things were referring to something much older. In Greek mythology, the Titans were ancient gods for whom the element titanium was eventually named. It’s all a rich tapestry of historical pomp and import, which culminates in the video you’re about to see. Aren’t you lucky to live in the Information Age?