The Day Before joins Overwatch 2 as one of Steam's worst-reviewed games after players discover it's not an MMO at all

The Day Before
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Survival MMO The Day Before has become one of Steam's worst-reviewed games, and it's mostly down to the fact it's suddenly no longer an MMO.

On December 7, developer Fntastic finally released The Day Before - a game that many thought was never going to see the light of day. It started life at the top of Steam's most wishlisted list, where it stayed for quite a long time, but it's now joining the likes of Overwatch 2 as one of the worst-reviewed games on the digital storefront. 

It didn't take long after its release for The Day Before to be met with several 'overwhelmingly negative' Steam reviews. In their reviews, players can be seen criticizing the game's lack of open world, poor performance, and most noticeably, the missing MMO element. "This is not an open world MMO, this is a small area extraction shooter," one reviewer writes on Steam. "Not an MMO, not open world," another says in their review. 

To make matters worse, members of the game's subreddit have claimed Fntastic is removing any evidence that suggests it was ever supposed to be an MMO. According to the post below, it looks like several changes have been made in Steam's backend that remove things like the mention of 'open-world' or 'massively multiplayer'. If you head on over to the game's actual Steam page, these tags still exist but in the user-submitted section of the page. 

Removing the tags from Steam that showed it being an open world, survival MMO from r/TheDayBefore
Before they scrap all of the internet of it ever being an open world mmo. Still have this as the games description from r/TheDayBefore

Others have noticed changes happening to Fntastic's YouTube channel, with this Twitter user showing how the developer's previous videos have seemingly disappeared from the account. These actions are strange for sure, but hardly unexpected considering all of the bizarre things the developer did before release like asking for volunteers to work on the game, removing it from Steam due to a "copyright claim", and just a general lack of updates.

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