The Dark Knight a PG?

Those of you who are worried that the latest Dark Knight trailer has shown all the good bits, feat not - Chris Nolan a few more tricks to pull out of his cowl.

Speaking to Variety's Anne Thompson, Nolan reminded us that Harvey Dent, barely seen in the trailer, is a major player in the movie.

But the big story is Nolan's revelation that the flick will be a 'character-driven PG' - which, considering how creepy Heath's Joker looks in the footage we've seen so far, is a bit of a surprise. And we can't remember the last character-piece which contained so many explosions.

In other superhero news, the article also suggests that Bryan Singer will not be returning to the Superman franchise. If Singer doesn't come back, it doesn't necessarily confirm the age-old rumour that Brandon Routh won't be donning the cape again, but we'd bet our Kansas farms that he won't.

We recommend reading the full article , it's full of juicy goodness.

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