The Crew: Orlando leaks but it's not actually set in Orlando

The Crew 2 screenshot showing three cars parked on an open road
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The next entry in The Crew franchise may have leaked, and it looks like Ubisoft's open-world racing series is expanding its focus beyond the contiguous United States.

Reddit user RacingGameGuru0300 posted a set of images which they claim to have datamined from The Crew 2 updates, saying the pictures had been lurking in the game's files for a while. The images bear the title "The Crew 2: Orlando," but the work-in-progress assets point toward the island of Hawai'i rather than the Floridian city of Orlando.

The Reddit posts indicates the project started out as planned DLC for The Crew 2, hence its name, but has since evolved into a standalone project. According to Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson, the project is internally referred to as "The Crew: Orlando" and is a "completely new game with a new driving engine" with no currently planned release date.

The Crew 2 came out back in 2018, so it isn't hard to believe that Ubisoft is already busily at work on some kind of followup (particularly one targeting new-gen consoles).

One last detail from the datamine is the existence of an "All Star" mode which would set 100 players against each other in a "breathless crew vs. crew race," switching vehicle types as they go. It sounds a bit like a battle royale-inspired experience, but there's no telling if All Star itself would have made the leap from the planned DLC to standalone game.

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