The countdown to Mirror's Edge begins

The launch day of Mirror's Edge is charging at us head-on. It's out in the UK next Friday, 14 November. And we're excited. We can barely sit still. We want to run. Not actually physically get off our chairs and run, but, you know, run as Faith, Mirror's Edge's lightning-footed free running protagonist.

And we've put all our pent up Mirror's Edge energy to good use. GamesRadar has teamed up with EA and created a suitably swishMirror's Edge countdown mini-sitethat'll bring you a quality selection of Mirror's Edge info, movies and artwork every day for the next week. There's also a ludicrously simple competition - answer the question correctly and you could win the game.

Take a metaphorical leap to the mini-site today and - using the medium of beautifully conceived story trailers - you can delve into the cloak-and-dagger plot behind the game. Is Mirror's Edge's fictional futuristic metropolis really as wonderful as it looks? Who are the runners and what are they running from?

Further updates to the mini-site over the weekend will also look at the game's distinctive dark-haired heroine, Faith, and the freerunning skills she'll have to employ as she races across rooftops to escape shady government agents.

If you're looking forward to Mirror's Edge, then you'll certainly want to spend some time - ahem - reflecting on thecountdown site.