The Best, Worst & Funniest Iron Man Cosplay

Iron Monger

Iron Man's original movie bad guy has got some cosplay lovin' of his own.

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Iron Monger Mark II

Sure, it may look more Iron Giant than Monger, but you can't deny the effort gone into making this mobile.


And while we're on the villains, check out this pretty impressive Whiplash cosplayer.


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Iron Tutu

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The Hulkbuster Mark I

We saw a glimpse of the movie's version of the Hulkbuster in the Iron Man 3 trailer, but kudos to this fan's intepretation.

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Hulkbuster Pimped

Master Le again, and this time with a Hulkbuster costume big enough to house one of his other suits.

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Suitcase Armour Awesomeness

Yip, Master Le once more - this time with Tony's brilliant suitcase armour from Iron Man 2 .

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Iron Patriot

Admittedly this is more inspired by the comic universe than the movie incarnation, but it's still pretty groovy.

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Iron Patriot - Movie Version

And now one more faithful to the Don Cheadle's movie version.

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Packing Tape Man

Ah, the lesser known Mark -721.

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