The best Turtle Beach headsets for gaming

best Turtle Beach headsets

Turtle Beach has been making gaming headsets for what seems like forever, and it's gotten pretty good at it. With its current Elite, Recon, and Atlas lines for PC and consoles, you're sure to find a stalwart budget or slick premium headset to add to your setup. What you get from Turtle Beach headsets are tech designed specifically for games, so all the additional features are tailored towards communication and online play. This means they differ from traditional headphones that you might link up to your mobile phone or TV.

With headsets from as little as $40 that are compatible with PC, consoles - including Nintendo Switch - and mobile devices, you really can't go wrong with Turtle Beach's range, and as an added bonus, the available colorways will sync up nicely with your platform of choice. Turtle Beach does offer good reliability for gaming, at the more affordable end of the headset spectrum, so if you're on a budget they're a great pick for a decent pair of cans. Sure, there are some premium models, but the affordable ones are great value for money. They're easily amongst the best PC headsets for gaming.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

A premium headset with premium sound

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 1.12kg | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile

Easily swappable magnetic deco plates and ear cushions
Bluetooth connectivity
SuperAmp connects to app for full control over audio

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 was developed in collaboration with top esports teams and delivers great clarity for competitive gaming. The generously-sized cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cups keep out external noise, while the TruSpeak mic has optional mic monitoring and is remarkably clear. The SuperAmp packed in with the headset is where the fun is at. It hooks up via Bluetooth to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app on your mobile device, letting you switch between sound profiles, tweak your game/ chat mix, and you can even take phone calls via the Bluetooth connection to your phone. It's an expensive gaming headset, but it'll give you the edge in any online scenario, and that is something you can't put a price on.

Turtle Beach Stealth 300

Robust sound at a great price

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 50mm | Weight: 544g | Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile

40 hours battery life
Mic monitoring
Four audio presets
Short cable
Needs to be charged

The Stealth 300 isn't quite at the cheapest tier in Turtle Beach's headset range, but for £80/ $80 you can get a comfortable pair of headphones with four audio presets that cycle through default, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Treble/ Vocal Boost options.

The headset's amps need to be charged in order for the headset to work, which can be a pain if you've forgotten to juice them up, but on the plus side, the battery life is quite extensive, giving you around 40 hours from a single charge. They're super comfy and you'll have no problem wearing them for hours, and the ProSpecs tech means that even glasses wearers won't suffer from their eyewear being slowly fused to their skull. If you want balanced sound on a budget, the Stealth 300 is our go-to.

Check out our review for more information on the Turtle Beach Stealth 300.

Turtle Beach Recon 200

A budget headset for battle royale

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 499g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Well under $100/ £100
Supports Nintendo Switch chat
Mic monitoring
12 hours battery life

The Recon 200 will barely make a dent in your bank balance, at £50/ $60, but offers surprisingly good sound quality at that price. Announced alongside the Stealth 300, the pair of headsets have been optimised for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, as well as other battle royale games. 

Both headsets feature amps, which means they need to be charged. The Recon 200's battery life is only 12 hours, supports Windows Sonic, and has always-on Bass Boost. It's a decent headset for those on a budget who don't want to compromise on sound.

Turtle Beach Elite 800/800X

Wireless, true surround sound

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 50mm | Compatibility: PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, mobile/ Xbox One, mobile

DTS 7.1 Surround Sound
Magnetic charging stand
Bluetooth 4.0
10 hour battery life

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 and 800X both feature active noise cancellation and 7.1 DTS surround sound and you'd hope so for $250, and its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you pair it with two devices simultaneously. There's no boom arm to be seen, but the built-in twin mics makes for great voice clarity.

The headset comes with a magnetic charging stand which acts as a base station for the wireless headset, and the matte black of the headset is offset nicely with the glossy black finish of the base. When it comes to sound, the Elite 800 has a range of modes tuned to different genres, as well as a Superhuman Hearing setting to give you an edge competitively. It's a pricey piece of kit, but if you have the money, it's worth every penny. 

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Affordable wireless headset

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 50mm | Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Budget wireless headset
Bluetooth support
Short battery life
 Errs on the bassy side 

The Stealth 700 comes in at $150, or around £100 on Amazon, and is touted as a premium wireless headset, and a more affordable option than the Elite 800. With Bluetooth, surround sound, and active noise-cancellation, it's certainly a more feasible option if your purse strings are a little tight.  

From a performance perspective, the Stealth 700 can get a little too bass heavy when you take the volume up to the max, but unless you're hard of hearing or enjoy the risk of blowing your eardrums out, this won't be an issue for most people. The 10 hour battery life isn't ideal, but as long as you remember to charge it between sessions, you should be just fine. The headset also benefits from Turtle Beach's Superhuman Hearing sound mode. If you really can't stretch for the Elite 800, the Stealth 700 is an attractive alternative. 

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