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The best tool for busting through Destiny 2's 300+ Power level ceiling? A spreadsheet

Once you've ground your way through Destiny 2's campaign and deep into its endgame, what else is there to do? Keep grinding for slightly marginal gains, obviously. Once your Guardian has hit a Power level over 300, chasing after high-quality loot to level up the rest of your gear is very much where the 'action' is. But it's a slow business, so it's no surprise that smart players have banded together to make the chase slightly easier—using the magic of spreadsheets.

Using the powers of crowdsourcing, users of the Destiny subreddit have begun tracking when in-game vendors are dishing out engrams containing level 300 loot. The info is being collected and verified on a half-hourly basis, and compiled into this handy spreadsheet, so you see which vendor to visit and when. 

However, in order to be able to get engrams to drop at this level, you have to be able to reach 300 in the first place. "Once your Base Power level (your Power level excluding any bonuses offered by weapon and armor mods) is 300, certain vendors (listed above) will offer engrams for reputation that range in Power from 295-300," explains Destiny Redditor PSN_TalonStrike.

"For the qualified individuals, the Power levels appear to be consistent globally and to change every 30 minutes. We're working on gathering data to discern any patterns and perhaps automate a system to report this in the future."

There's also now a site serving the same function, so if you're one of the Destiny 2 elite and over Power level 300, you can help the communal effort here. 

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