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The best Mass Effect merchandise in the galaxy

Although Mass Effect: Andromeda has effectively killed the entire Mass Effect series, it's not a bad thing to be nostalgic over the good old days. In fact, it's been 10 years since the release of the original Mass Effect and if that isn't an excuse for buying some merch, we really don't know what is. Helpfully there’s all kinds of Mass Effect merchandise just queuing up to fill your dedicated games room with Pop! figures, clothing and even, yes, a cuddly talking 7” Elcor. It's time to literally wear your N7 love on your sleeve. 

Remote Control NOMAD ND1

Some Collector's Editions are a bit disappointing. Maybe there'll be an art book or a soundtrack CD when all you ever listen to is Spotify. Clearly someone at BioWare is sick of those. Mass Effect Andromeda's Collector's Edition comes with no less than a 1:18 scale remote control NOMAD, complete with six wheel drive, and a camera to record your adventures straight to your smartphone. All controlled via an app on your phone, the NOMAD has a functioning LED lighting system and a built in rechargeable battery so you won't be scrabbling for new AAs in ten minutes time. Bear in mind though, this is in short supply from the BioWare Store in the US. There's still stock from GAME in the UK though if you buy with a copy of the game itself. Don't confuse it with the cheaper die-cast model. You'll just be sad. 

Buy it US: $270 from the BioWare Store
Buy it UK: £249.99 from GAME

My Little Elcor Talking 7” Plush

Enthusiastically: No, I can’t believe it exists either. This utterly adorable - and oh-so-squeezable - Elcor is painfully fuzzy and comes with five individual lines. And of course, it prefaces each one with a helpful tone to avoid any confusion. Squeeze it and you’ll hear  “Superstitious fear: Can you check under the bed for reapers?” or even “Continued concern: can you check the closet too?” And of course you actually should. Why would you want it to worry? You monster. 

Buy it US: $49.99 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £93.32 on Amazon

Black N7 Elite Armour Stripe Hoodie

There’s plenty of references to those who made it through the N7 training and even the chance to get some shiny N7 armour in Andromeda, so you’ll probably feel better while wearing some real life red striped armour. This hoodie has a cosy neck, a lining covered in N7 print in black and white, and a custom N7 zipper just to make sure you know you’re definitely part of the crew. There’s even a sneaky pocket with a hole to feed your headphones up to your ears. Bet Shepard didn’t have one of those. 

Buy it US/UK: $74/ £60 on the BioWare Store

Omni-tool Cosplay Weapon 

Perhaps one to pair with your N7 armour, this replica comes with none of the benefits of an actual Omni-tool but does look ultra-fetching in bright orange and has an adjustable strap to make sure it fits arms of all sizes. You can’t use it as a flashlight, scanner or even repair anything with it but the Omni-tool comes with a flip out blade with a release switch in the handgrip and is officially licensed to boot. Plus, it’s ok if you don’t fancy lugging it around; there’s a stylish display stand in the box to add to your shrine of Shep. 

Buy it US/UK: $47.99/ £39 on ThinkGeek

Commander Shepard Leggings

Because, let’s face it, that hoodie wasn’t enough. If making your legs look like amazing armour is your thing, these leggings are pretty astonishing. Even if you’re only going to wear them while you play, they have an elastic waistband and are slim fit with what BioWare calls “compression technology built in.” That sounds like something you could probably pay for in game credits. There’s no info on the site about how these influence your life’s romance options so you’ll have to wait and find out but let’s be honest, if you’ve got your eye on the right kind of person you should be just fine with armoured legs.  

Buy it US/UK: $29.99/ £24 on the BioWare Store

Sarah Ryder FUNKO Pop

Don’t even act surprised. Of course you can get Mass Effect: Andromeda characters in glorious plastic adorable form. Sara Ryder is currently available in those perfectly collectible cardboard boxes along with the equally eeee-inducing Peebee, The Archon and Liam Kosta. This will only be the first wave so expect another stack in a couple of months that will probably include Alec Ryder, Drack, Vetra and loads more. Also, please don’t make stop motion recreations of your galactic romps with them… They’re so pure and innocent. Nothing deserves that.

Buy it US: $10.99 from Amazon
Buy it UK:
£18.38 on Amazon

Mass Effect Adult Colouring Book

Let’s face it, the Asari should be green shouldn’t they? Nothing should be blue other than those incredible Slush Puppies of regret at the cinema. Well the good news is that now everything in Mass Effect can be the colours you want them to be. Celebrating the fact that grown ups can now colour with impunity because zen, this Mass Effect adult colouring book includes scenes from the original trilogy as well as Andromeda. 45 images await for you and your colouring pens or pencils. Just remember to stay in the lines. It’s what Shep would have wanted.

Buy it US: $10.30 on Amazon
Buy it UK: £10.85 on Amazon

AI Repeater Socks

In space no one can hear you screaming about how cold your feet are. You need Mass Effect themed socks and you need them now. Pleasantly subtle in black and white with the new logo, these Andromeda-themed foot coverings will keep you warm while you play into the night. Who needs to continue having circulation when a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex can convince you that your toes are just fine? You’ve got Mass Effect socks, damn it, and that’s all you need.  

Buy it US/UK: $5/ £4 on the BioWare Store 

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