The Batman set photos tease multiple new villains and a surprise Superman Easter egg

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The Batman might not be the only hero in town. For that matter, Riddler might not be the only villain, either. New set photos feature teases for a handful of villains – one iconic, one perhaps less familiar – as well as what looks like proof that Superman and Wonder Woman exist in the same universe as Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader.

The first intriguing set photo from The Batman appears to show extras on-set in Liverpool wearing Superman and Wonder Woman costumes for a Halloween party (as reported by Metro).

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If nothing else, that could be evidence that Batman isn’t the first DC superhero in this universe. It remains to be seen if Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will ever cross Batarangs with Diana or Kal-El, but fans are sure to lap up the wider universe that Matt Reeves is seemingly teasing.

Of course, we shouldn’t go expecting Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel to go rocking up – not least of all because they’re in different universes. As revealed at DC’s FanDome event back in August, The Batman exists in a separate Earth away from the likes of Joker or Wonder Woman 1984 thanks to the DC Multiverse making certain stories separate but no less canon.

Elsewhere, journalist Jake Hamilton has spotted an on-set poster riddled with Easter eggs.

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While that could be a Flash logo – it’s hard to tell – there are a few more concrete clues that could perhaps point towards future villains in The Batman franchise or are just little gifts for eagle-eyed fans to pore over. 

The ‘A’ logo, for example, is reminiscent of villain Anarky’s calling card, while Gothcorp is an interesting inclusion seeing as how a certain Mr. Freeze’s origin story revolves around an accident at the company.

Recent set photos have also teased a friendly rivalry with Catwoman and a Year One connection. Now, it seems, The Batman isn’t just the night and vengeance – it’s potentially laying the foundations for something much, much larger.

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