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The Avengers teaser trailer

The Avengers


Comic-Con this year had quite a few fun little surprises up its spandex sleeve, but none more exciting than the full Avengers cast lined up on stage in the convention’s famous Hall H.

During this year’s run, the Con also ran a brief teaser trailer for the film narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

Clearly, no footage has yet been filmed, so this is as bare bones as it gets. But for those of us gnawing at our fists in excitement, this is just a sign of the awesome that is yet to come.

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat,” intones Jackson.

“To fight the foes no single superhero could withstand. On that day the Avengers were born…”

Check out the tease below…

The Avengers opens on 4 May 2012.

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