The Art Of Black Library

In the new SFX Fantasy Special – on sale now – there’s a special gallery of publisher Black Library’s cover art. Here are some more gorgeous examples, especially for the website

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You have to be pretty ruthless if you want to be a bounty hunter in the Warhammer world. In a land filled with trolls, daemons, dragons and worse, most bounty hunters meet a grisly end fairly quick. Brunner is not most bounty hunters. Marek Okon created this image of the infamous sell-sword and we think it’s spot on.

This is the art for Bloodsworn , the third book in the Ulrika The Vampire series. Winona Nelson has captured Ulrika in a particularly bestial stance (with added explosion for good measure). Who doesn’t love to see an attractive female butchering her enemies by the light of a burning town?

The dark elf Malekith is one of the big villains of the Warhammer world, a hateful figure who wages a bitter millennia-long war against the noble High Elves. Stefan Kopinski ’s depiction of the Druchii witch king shows him encased in burnished armour, fused to his skin after his horrific burning in the Flames Of The Phoenix . That attractive-looking elf behind him is the dark sorceress Morathi, Malekith’s mother and architect of the most bitter war in elven history!

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