The Anti-Awards 2009

Not only did Infinity Ward inadvertently reward the elite of the online battlefields with Pave low perks and game-breaking nukes, they accidentally left a whole bunch of nasty cheats in for folk to exploit too. From scenery glitches that allow you to shoot at people but not be killed inside a rock to loadout combos that turned you into a suicide bomber, MW2 was riddled with these flaws until the developers finally patched things up.

Above: That sure was a fun week of multiplayer

But where will it stop? Just as Infinity Ward removes one problem, the great unwashed of the online gaming find another way to spoil things for other people. Boosting sessions where a bunch of idiots agree not to kill each other are all the rage at the moment. This involves using the G18 pistols and a riot shield – shoot the shield of another patsy and you’ll unbelievably gain XP up to 5000 and beyond. No wonder there are far more people online with Prestige rankings.

We understand that even the most careful QA sessions will inevitably throw up some problems that slip through the net, but Modern Warfare 2 EASILY contained the most in 2009.