The 3rd Birthday creator laments not going for PS3

It has been years since fans of the Square Enix series Parasite Eve have seen a new entry, so the March 29 launch of The 3rd Birthday, which features the Parasite Eve cast and environment, is highly anticipated by the niche crowd. Now, the game's director says it may have missed the opportunity to properly quench the thirst for a new Parasite Eve game.

In an interview with VG247, director Hajime Tabata admitted its audience will be limited. "We are very much aware of the fact that the PSP is not currently the most attractive or popular console in Europe, but we’ll have to deal with that depressing fact," he said.

Then, he revealed, "We should have made the game for PS3, really. At one point, I was seriously considering that we had opted for the wrong platform."

It's extremely rare, albeit quite refreshing, to hear a high-profile director say something so candid about a game before it comes out.

He did continue to say that the game was built to be a very epic experience, the kind of thing that would be awesome on the PS3 or Xbox 360. However, he added, "We had to squash it down to a smaller screen, and that was extremely difficult."

Nevertheless, those hardcore fans are probably still excited about the launch, and PSP owners should appreciate that there's actually a strong game coming their way. But if there was any doubt the PSP was on its way out, this pretty much seals it. PSP2, anyone?

[Source: VG247]

Feb 2, 2011