The 28 hidden characters in Batman: Arkham Asylum

You may have reached the ending. You may have solved all the riddles and collected all the items. You may have visited every room and unlocked every character bio. Until you’ve read this article, however, you won’t fully grasp what those things mean. You won’t fully comprehend all of the game’s geeky tributes and intricate connections. You won’t fully appreciate how much loving fan service Arkham Asylum truly has to offer.

We’ll help you. We’ve done the research. We didn’t just scan these characters’ items and move on… we dug into their histories, learned their trivia and discovered why Arkham Asylum’s developers chose to include them. Plus, we’ll reveal the identity of the Spirit of Arkham, “Mad Dog” and the mystery one-armed inmate. Shall we begin?

Charlie Barratt
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