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The 28 hidden characters in Batman: Arkham Asylum

First comic appearance: Detective Comics #583 (February 1988)

Arkham Asylum appearance: Penitentiary (Main Cell Block); Arkham Mansion (Warden’s Office); Joker’s Throne Room

The connection: The Ventriloquist is a meek, mild-mannered man who channels his fury and felonies through the puppet Scarface. When they are separated, Ventriloquist is not violent or dangerous whatsoever. The fact that his doll is safely locked away in this glass display case, then, implies that the villain is safely locked away as well.

But for how long? If the Joker can gain access to Scarface so easily in the game’s final scenes, how long until the Ventriloquist is whole again? And how easy would it be to get his trademark Tommy gun out of the Penitentiary, too?

BizarroFun Fact: A new, female Ventriloquist was introduced by DC in 2007. She has multiple Scarface dolls and seems to honestly believe that the imaginary character is in love with her.

Charlie Barratt
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