The 10 most pirated TV shows of 2020 have been revealed

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian
(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

No one can get enough of Mando and Grogu, it would appear – the adventures of the Child made The Mandalorian the most popular TV show in the galaxy (or on BitTorrent, anyway). A study carried out by TorrentFreak ranks the top ten pirated shows of the year based on how many times they were downloaded from the aforementioned torrenting site. 

To no one’s surprise, The Mandalorian took the top spot, up from number three in 2019. Amazon Prime’s antihero show The Boys came in at second place, with HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld rounding out the top three. Next up was historical drama Vikings, followed by the Patrick Stewart-led Star Trek: Picard. 

Once upon a time (also known as 2019), Games of Thrones was always guaranteed to take the top spot, so it’s interesting to see how things have played out without the fantasy epic on the scene. As for the rest of 2020’s top ten, in descending order, we have Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, The Outsider, Arrow, and The Flash.

While there are a lot of old favourites in that list, Star Trek: Picard and The Outsider are newcomers as both shows premiered in 2020. While the former reunites us with a familiar character as part of a new instalment of a beloved franchise, the latter is a brand new miniseries adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name. 

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