TGS 2011: Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer highlights new characters, abilities, and more

So last week on the floor of the Tokyo Game Show we were left in a strange position: we played a demo of the upcoming 3DS title Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and then wrote an informative preview. Only we lacked any new screens or video for the new areas, and instead relied on months old footage. Today the Japanese publisher finally released the game’s TGS 2011 trailer to the public, so now everyone around the world can get a glimpse of what we saw.

As we mentioned in our preview, you see there Sora first meeting with Neku from The World Ends With You, as well as Riku meeting up with Quasimodo, with both heroes facing the bosses of their demoes. You also get to soak in their new costumes, and see some of the special attacks we were talking about. However, that trailer has several things that weren’t in the demo, starting with the important story point of Yen Sid sending off Riku and Sora on their mission (did you see Donald and Goofy in the background?).

Additionally, we spotted a new minigame involving Sora flying (falling?) to a new area, a feature that probably looks pretty cool in 3D, and some new details on the new bad guys the Dream Eaters. Just as we guessed in our TGS preview, there’s some sort of enemy recruitment system, as they can join your team, with you even interacting with them in some AR, virtual pet system using the 3DS camera.

We’re happy to see Square’s Japanese side finally letting the world see the trailer from TGS, but you know what would be cooler? If Square-Enix would confirm the English language version that we all know is inevitable. With it hitting Japan in early 2012, there’s barely any time left for a confirmation that won’t seem incredibly late.

Sep 20, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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