Test Drive downpour!

Friday 16 June 2006
We've got a big clump of new Test Drive Unlimited screens to show off, but they've all got a common focal point: the AC Cobra supercar.

Two Cobra models will be available in TDU for you to snap up and slot into your garage, the AC Cobra 289, whose top speed of 140mph would disqualify it from ever appearing in Project Gotham Racing 3, and the AC Cobra 247, that peaks at 180mph.

Each time we see Test Drive Unlimited, it looks sharper and prettier. From what we've experienced of the game, these shots don't look so much like renders as in-game snaps taken via the photo mode feature.

It's also lovely to see a driving game staged in such a sunny, cheery location, instead of a gloomy urban city, and we're looking forward to seeing how the 'lifestyle' aspect of Unlimited - owning homes as well as garages, joining clubs and the seamless presence of online players - unfolds.