Terminator 4 anime spin-off

The Deadbolt recently spoke to Terminator: Salvation associate producer James Middleton about the new Terminator TV show, as well as confirming what we already know about Terminator 4 (good news: Christian Bale's in it, bad news: McG is directing).

But he had some stuff to tell us we hadn't heard before, namely: "I’m also working on an animation project called Termination, which will utilize anime and animation auteurs to do individual segments inspired by the Terminator franchise. It will be like The Animatrix, except it will have a much more international flair. This idea of Judgment Day is not something that would just affect Los Angeles, it would affect the world, so we’ll have European animators as well as Japanese animators. We’re just in early development and hope to have that ready for release in 2009."

Which sounds pretty ace, in our opinion. We're crossing our metal bony fingers that we'll get to see the Terminators come to the UK, crunching tea-cups and skulls beneath their feet as they shoot up Shoreditch. Or something.

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