Ten greatest things about Mortal Kombat

Nothing looks like it or plays like it. Love it, hate it or simply fear it like Nintendo execs did in the early '90s, there's no denying that Mortal Kombat changed the world of videogames forever. Here are ten Mortal Moments you won't see anywhere else.

Shang Tsung's Kintaro fatality
The hardest of all MK2 fatalities. The technique involves holding the Low Punch button for the entire duration of the last round, then releasing it in the unlikely event of a victory. If somebody managed to do this to you in an arcade, you could never show your face in there again.

The uppercut
Duck down and press the High Punch button to unleash an immensely satisfying uppercut that sends your opponent soaring into the air, trailing several pints of bright red blood. Unless you were playing the bloodless SNES version of MK1, of course.

Perform a perfect uppercut in MK2 and the face of sound designer Dan Forden would pop up in the corner of the screen, yelling "Toasty!" in a high-pitched voice. In MK3 he also shouts "Crispy!" and "Frosty!" We have no idea why.