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It's been an emotional rollercoaster but, next week, season three of Ted Lasso comes to an end - and it might even be the conclusion of the hit show altogether. The series' cast and creators have repeatedly said that this climactic episode will conclude the various storylines that have been running throughout the three seasons, wrapping up the story that they intended to tell. Of course, that means there is no definitive answer as to whether there will be a season four or even a spin-off series, but it does provide the perfect chance to reflect on the journey so far.

And so, GamesRadar+ asked the cast to share their favourite moments from the show. To no surprise, there was a lot of love for that emotional Wembley scene...

Phil Dunster - Jamie Tartt

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"The funniest scene or line categorically of the whole show is in season one when someone asks who Nate is. They look over to the kit guy who is kicking some dog poo off the pitch. He goes ‘someone’s been walking their dog here’ and the way he delivers it, that line is the funniest line. People probably won’t remember it as it's a small bit but I cackled with laughter. 

"There are so many special moments in it but to film, the Wembley locker room scene with the fight between Jamie and his dad, that was quite something for me. But any of Ted’s 'believe' speeches, they feel special and now that we have had the response the show has had, being there during the filming of those you feel very honoured to be present. It was really special to see Jason do that."

Nick Mohammed - Nathan 'Nate' Shelley

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"One scene that was deeply affecting was season two, episode eight, where we were all in the locker room at Wembley and the team had just lost to Man City. Jamie’s dad comes in and they have that brawl in front of us, then Roy comes over. It was pure theatre as we were all literally sat around them. Kieran O'Brien, who plays Jamie’s dad, was phenomenal, he was doing that scene again and again and it was gut-wrenching ever time. When Brett goes over and hugs him, we were like 'oh god'.

"And a personal favourite but a scene that was very difficult is the last one that I shot  on the very last day, which I can’t say what it is but will be obvious when it airs partly because it completes the journey, and that’s not saying whether it’s a redemption thing or not. But it was really difficult and it became quite real, like we stopped acting in a way as we were all exhausted. It was the last day, we were all quite emotional. But it was quite special because it felt like we finally completed the journey and all the sides of Nate - it was like 'hallelujah!' In terms of the catharsis that came with it, it's the best."

James Lance - Trent Crimm, Independent

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"There was a moment with Roy Kent in the coach’s office which takes place after Roy has taken Trent in and healed their conflict. They are randomly talking about their favourite Julie Andrews movies and Trent says his one then Roy goes ‘f*ck yeah Princess Diaries’! I just thought it was the funniest moment, I laughed so hard. It was just a really sweet moment between these guys who are now kind of getting on."

Billy Harris - Colin Hughes

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"I do like a good Ted speech - the rom-com like scene where he says it will be good in the end, I did like that and when we are talking about our favourite rom-coms. I think it’s great seeing the boys showing their love for things you might not expect them to, seeing the opposites of what we might expect from footballers. But it’s the best genre, Notting Hill is my favourite film."

Jeremy Swift - Leslie Higgins

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"I love the scene with Rebecca at the end of season one, it was a real turning point and levelled them out. It changed their relationship to what it is now."

Cristo Fernández - Dani Rojas

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"Well, reflecting on cool moments in the show, my favourite scene is actually not even in it. It’s when we did season two, it was a scene we did for the SAG Awards, I just loved the fact that we were all together because at that point some of the characters weren’t with us. I really enjoyed that, it was great, and every single character has a moment and a line. I really cherish the moments we are together." 

Kola Bokinni - Isaac McAdoo

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"I’m not going to pick one of my scenes as that will be very self-absorbed, so it’s actually just a line that Colin said that cracked me up for about two weeks. It shouldn’t have but it just did. When Roy walks into the nightclub for the vanilla vodka scene and Colin goes ‘hey Roy, I didn’t know it was a retirement party’ then gets headbutted, I was actually laughing. And then later I’d be in the shower or brushing my teeth, chuckling to myself. It really tickled me to be honest."

Ted Lasso airs every Wednesday on streaming service AppleTV+ and will conclude next week on May 31.

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