TeamGroup's latest PCIe 5.0 SSD has been revealed - and with some seriously fast specs

TeamGroup Gen 5 SSD
(Image credit: TeamGroup)

TeamGroup has revealed its T-Force Cardea PCIe 5.0 Gen 5 SSD which promises some seriously impressive next-generation level performance. The company has stated that this new M.2 NVMe drive will be able to reach a maximum of 13,000 MB/s sequential read speeds and write speeds of over 12,000 MB/s. 

Those are some truly bold claims. However, it appears as though TeamGroup is more than willing to back up the blisteringly performance on offer here: "it will be the highest performance PCIe Gen5 flagship SSD on the market when launched". Capacities available will go up to 4TB, so while we're expecting this drive to be very expensive, is ideal for anyone looking to get a headstart on DirectStorage with the latest games. 

No official launch date for the TeamGroup T-Force Cardea Gen 5 SSD has been announced as of yet, though, it is expected to release sometime in Q3 2022 (July - September). It's looking like an impressive time for the ever-expanding storage speed war.

TeamGroup T-Force Cardea PCIe 5.0 Gen 5 SSD


(Image credit: TeamGroup)

It remains to be seen how the company's Gen 5 SSD will make its way into the best gaming laptops and best gaming PCs in the near future. 

What this means is that TeamGroup has essentially crafted not only the best SSD for gaming (from a raw technical perspective) but also the fastest M.2 SSD on the planet right now. While current Gen 4.0 drives are technically capable of reaching speeds of up to 8,000 MB/s - and we're now seeing more models on a consumer level to get close to this figure - Gen 5.0 is vying to absolutely dwarf its potential as we enter the age of PCIe 5.0. 

With more companies sure to announce PCIe 5.0 Gen 5 SSDs in the near future, this can only be taken as a sign of things to come with one truth paramount above all else: things are going to get really, really fast sooner rather than later for PC hardware.

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