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Team Fortress 2 Engineers get a new shotgun

Engineers rejoice. The sentry loving class has just received the Frontier Justice, a brand new shotgun. The new weapon doesn’t score random critical hits and holds only half as many shells as the regular shotgun. Instead, the close-range gun gets what Valve is calling “Revenge Crits.†If you’ve got the Frontier Justice equipped, you can store two critical hits for every kill your sentry makes, and one crit for every assist. Bonus crits are also awarded when your sentry is destroyed.

Above: Since we rarely find ourselves out of shells with the regular shotgun, the Frontier Justice sounds like a great upgrade

The Engineer updates are tied to the new crafting system, which has recently been added to Team Fortress 2. Every time a player crafts an item, there’s a chance that a golden wrench will be spawned. There are only 100 golden wrenches available and as more spawn due to players getting crafty, more Engineer unlocks will be revealed. The Frontier Justice was revealed once the golden wrench count reached twenty five.

Above: According to Valve’s “Official Wrench Log,†the count has now reached 46, whichmeans that another unlock is coming soon

Above: If you paid close attention to the launch trailer for the Mac version of Team Fortress 2 you could catch a glimpse of the Engineer holding the Frontier Justice

Source:Team Fortress 2 Blog

Jul 6, 2010