Tarsem Singh is The Unforgettable

Director Tarsem Singh, who first brought the world The Cell (great visuals, awful script) has been a bit quiet of late. True, his indie fantasy The Fall has been playing well at festivals, but in terms of studio work he hasn’t exactly been lighting up the town.

Now he’s getting back into the sci fi realm with The Unforgettable, which Warner Bros is producing alongside Batman co-writer David Goyer.

Adapted from Warners’ video game The Condemned: Criminal Origins, it’s been floating around for a while with a script by Kurt Sutter (a producer on TV’s The Shield and the man writing the Punisher sequel) that was once called Species X and is now lumbering under The Unforgettable.

It’s the tale of a cop tracking down a murderer who learns he’s not actually of this Earth. And he has to help fight a war between good and evil aliens.

But The Unforgettable isn’t the only movie with “Un” in its title that Singh is considering. He’s also developing Unthinkable, a paranoia thriller about a nuclear bomb exploding in America.

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