Michael Madsen details the Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction prequel that Tarantino wanted to make

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Rumours to the left of me, whispers to the right – scrapped Quentin Tarantino movies are a dime-a-dozen it seems, but actor Michael Madsen has added one to the pile that should undoubtedly grab your attention: a prequel to both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

The legendary director had originally planned to bring back Madsen and John Travolta, who played brothers Vic and Vincent Vega in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction respectively, for a prequel.

Unfortunately, much like the Tarantino-directed Bond movie that never was, plans fell through for the movie, which would have been titled “Double V Vega.”

Madsen, though, was keen to share some info on the project in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“We were supposed to be in Amsterdam, criminally," Madsen said. "The picture was going to start out with the two of us being released from prison in different states. And we open up a club in Amsterdam.”

What would have transpired in the Dutch capital is unclear, though you can imagine it would have included Tarantino’s unique brand of soundtracks, shootouts, and instantly quotable dialogue.

Tarantino also floated around the idea of an unlikely sequel involving Madsen and Travolta playing the unseen twin Vega brothers.

“He had come up with this idea that it would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent, who met after the deaths of their siblings. It was very complicated,” Madsen added, “But when Quentin starts discussing an idea, it's very easy to go along with it.”

If nothing else, Tarantino is a pure ideas machine when it comes to pumping out pitches that would have us flocking to the cinema – but the Pulp Fiction x Reservoir Dogs prequel is likely to be one that will escape us forever.

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