Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3 - EXCLUSIVE interview

NT: That’s kind of tough to decide. If I had to just choose one, I guess I would go with the Day Care Center. The characters are cute and the gameplay is fun. To top it off, the harder levels of the Day Care Center are pretty difficult and prove to be a challenge even for adults. Really though, there are many different gameplay styles, so I’m sure everyone who plays will have their personal favorite.

Customization and level editors seem to be all the rage these days - will we ever get to design our own Tamagotchi characters or shops?

NT: We actually have a feature where you can create your personal avatar from the beginning of the game. The characters are randomly created, but once you come across that certain character, you can select that one to represent you. Then, you can introduce your character to another person’s game by exchanging your information so that they can appear in the other person’s game.

Would you consider working on a Tamagotchi title for consoles? Are there any other genres you think would work well with the Tamagotchi franchise?

NT: We are constantly seeking how we can expand the market value of Tamagotchi. So please stay tuned!

Have you played the original Tamagotchi virtual pet? How has Tamogotchi’s roots as a virtual pet affected the series?

NT: Yes, I actually was pretty hooked on the original Tamagotchi. In fact, I recall calling friends in Japan, just to get a certain color Tamagotchi. The core mechanics of raising a virtual pet as an easy to carry item was a great idea and the fact that it interacted with you live was also very unique. The cute characters added to its charm which captivated millions around the world and made the “Tamagotchi” name common among everyone. To this day, we adhere to Tamagotchi’s history, promoting all our products to have this Tamagotchi “touch” to it. This inspired the many different items and games, and I can guarantee that fans will find our game no different in expanding and reflecting the world of Tamagotchi.

For more on Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3, check out ourpreviewfilled with exclusive art, and look for our review when the game ships this June.

May 7, 2008

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