TalkRadar UK #20: Resolution Confusion

What to expect

- The games we're looking forward to in 2010
- Dave M failing to grasp the gist of Question of the Week... again
- Matt offering to put a sexy move on Nathan
- Your New Year's gaming resolutions


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Headphone girls

The start of 2010 brings a period of mourning, for alas, despite our most noble efforts, we have finally run out of image library credits for new headphone girls. We'll be bringing our very own brand of sexy to the podcast artwork from now on, but the ladies in headphones forum threadwill live on as a permenant tribute to our legendaries ladies with cans. Never forget!

Community doings

Wehaven't had muchin the way of communityinput lately (sort it out, you fiends!) so these are pretty old, but you've been moaning about seeingthem so long that we're kind of commited to running them. First up, Breener's unofficial TRUK logo:

Happy now?

And QuinnL made this awesome movie/game mash-up poster in response to Dave M'srecent-ish feature. In fact loads of you madecool tributes to it, so check them all out inthe forums.

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Post date: Wednesday6thJanuary 2010
Running time:49 minutes25 seconds
Music by:Sabrepulse