TalkRadar UK #2: The sequel has landed

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What's in-store?

  • Is there really a Crystal Meth recipe in GTAIV? Erm, no.
  • One pod member is electrocuted live on-air. (See below)
  • A slice of self-indulgence as we discuss our failed night out that ended with some sick and a wrestle.
  • And win yourself some game-related tat in our super-original Guess That Game Sound competition.

Shocking video

Competition details (UK Only)

You've heard the game sounds from the podcast, now send us your answers. We'll pick three lucky winners at random, scrape out the contents of our prize barrel and send each one something special. It could be a game, it could be a Post-It note off Justin's desk or something completely different. Either Direct Message us your answersviaTwitteror drop us an e-mail

Full terms and conditions can be foundhere

Post date:
Wednesday 1st July 2009
TalkRadar UK02 length: 35 Minutes and 1 Second
Intro song by:Sabrepulse
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