TalkRadar UK #15: Soundboard Abuse

Chiefs of talking

What to expect...

- Dave H inadvertantly reveals a personality disorder
- The introduction of George’s magical, interrupting machine
- A shambolic Question Time
- Chatter about horse physics, trips to a nuclear bunker and ourModern Warfare 2 marathon
- Your questions answered in the Community Section
- The abscence of backing music for the most part

Above: Back to good ol' lager this week. Phew!

Above: A chilling vision into Dave H's mind

Above: A public service announcement about the effects of alcohol while gaming


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Tell us what you think

Should George's soundboard be thrown in the ocean? Do you miss the background music? Or is there genuinely something you think we should do more of? Let us knowhere.

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Info box

Post date: 25th November 2009
Run time: 54 minutes 03 seconds
Intro music by:Sabrepulse
Sponsored beverage: Lager. Next week... more lager