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Top 7... Blatantly sexist game advertisements
If by "sexist" you mean "sexy."

The roast of Dan Amrich
Haven't heard? Our good friend and former Official World of Warcraft Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, and Gamepro editor Dan Amrich is off to we give him what for.

TalkRadar 20- Let's get critical
According to Executive Editor Brett Elston, this link should be here because "we bring up audio from this." See how organized we are?

Question of the Week
What do you name your characters? Tell us in the linked forum thread and we may read your answer on next week’s show.

New contests this week

WIN:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceDVD or Blu-ray–Just make up a Potter-esque spell for your favorite game, andwe'll send a DVD-bearing owl your way. Note: we'll actually use the mail system.

CONTEST: Dan Amrich’s Farewell Rarities (Atte: DoA and WoW fans!)–As Dan Amrich departs Future's hallowed halls, he discovered a couple of items sure to appeal to the collector in some of you. Win them!

In the office

Above: Dan wreaking havoc in his famous Ghostbusters costume

Above: Dan's moving sale scored Chris a Power Glove! The shirt was just a that makes him look like a Wizard-obsessed freak

Above: Chris checking out Brett's junk Modern Warfare 2 style

Above: Lizzie's desk got Twilight: New MOWNED by Cheryll, who now better watch her back

Above: Charlie Barratt ran into a certain celebrity while hiking in Yosemite. He belongs in a museum!

Above: Brett giddily (somberly) shows off his noisy Spirit Tracks box

In the community

Above: JohnRabbit brought us some impressive retro RadarNauts joy

Above: KREATIVEAssassin delivered this sexy-ass album cover - check outthe forumsfor the back, which features tracks like "Tinkle from the Stink Wrinkle"

Head to theforumsand join the T-Dar community or die cold and alone.

Post date: December 4, 2009
T-Dar80 length: 2:45:02
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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