TalkRadar 29 – all about LucasArts

This week we discuss Rogue Leaders, a tell-all book about LucasArts, written by PlayStation Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Rob Smith... who patiently sits through our ramblings long enough to plug his massive tome. If you’ve ever wanted to know all kinds of trivial nonsense about Star Wars, Maniac Mansion or a planet called Fractalus, this is your podcast.

For the rest of you, there’s talk of Left 4 Dead, Native American stereotypes and a question of the week that could conjure up horrible memories. Oh, we’re also giving away something worth $300, so listen the hell up!

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

11-27-08 | Length - 2:08:30 | Opening song by

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Top 7... Native American stereotypes– do seven traits a stereotype make?

Left 4 Dead plan gone wrong– let’s go get ‘em guOHSHHIIIIIIIIT

PaletteSwap Ninja’s new song– make a video to it and you’ll win this 30GB media device below. Details in the podcast!

Above: Win this!

Rogue Leaders– on sale now! Any self-respecting gamer should check it out

Above: Buy this!

EGM closing next year?– could one of the industry’s oldest mags fold in ’09?

Question 13: What’s the biggest gaming loss you’ve suffered?


Quote of the week:
“Burgess Meredith voiced a game? ‘Rocky, get the yellow key to proceed!’”

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Above: Scott from PTOM swings by to tell us things we had to edit out because a certain company would kill us if that news got out

Above: Nothing says Earth friendly like an electricity-guzzling blow dryer

Nov 27, 2008

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