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The Top 7... Hideous gaming disasters of 2010 we desperately want to forget
The turd icing on last year's otherwise tasty game-cake

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The Anti-Awards 2010
The worst games of the year, strung up and ridiculed in front of the whole dang internet

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What's a code our password you've never forgotten?
If you’re too young to remember memory cards, there’s a slight chance you’ll have a bit of trouble answering this one… Sit on our lap for a second, kids: You see, before consoles came standard with hard drives and the like, there was only one way to finish a majority of our favorite games in more than a single sitting. With few options to “save” our “progress,” the only way to avoid hours of backtracking every time you turned the system on was by writing down or memorizing a code or password. But you’re not that young, right? Maybe you have a pre-Halo skulls cheat code permanently etched into your brain? Let us know in our forums and we’ll cross check it with our robotic memory banks and read them LIVE on TalkRadar 134!

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In the office

Above: Lizzie and TNag reign in the New Year

Above: This slightly ruined, very expensive gift from CaptRossi is responsible for the "tone" of this week's show. *slur*Thanksss*slur*

Lizzie's new 8-bit muzak project,The Glowing Stars (opens in new tab), has a teaser vid for that ass. More on this soon...

In the community

Artist: Please enjoy an entire year's worth of TalkRadar music graboids' fan art

Above: Batman5273 knows all the best gifts in life are free (and occasionally sposored by Arc Rise Fantastia)

Above: Rare fanny pack or Banjo dick? Only 510BrotherPanda knows for sure

Above: Another insane, funny video by flabslapper

Above: "How Mikel Spent His Winter Vacation!" by graboids

Above: 6 heads +1 color + 2 initials = A MASTERPIECE by therawski

Post date:January7, 2011
T-Dar133 length: 3:11:08
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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