One of 2023's best horror movies has overtaken Hereditary as A24's biggest scary flick

Sophie Wilde as Mia in Talk to Me
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Hereditary is no longer A24's highest-grossing horror movie, now that Talk to Me, Danny and Michael Philippou's feature-length debut, has overtaken Ari Aster's creepy chiller at the US box-office. 

During the recent Labor Day weekend, the possession-centered flick passed $44.575 million according to Deadline, beating out the former studio champion's $44.069 million. For context, Hereditary – which remains A24's global chart topper, having pulled in $82.8 million worldwide, against Talk to Me's $63.1m – was made for $10 million, while Talk to Me's budget was just $4.5 million.

Starring Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, and Miranda Otto, Talk to Me follows Mia, a grief-stricken 17 year old who gets in over her head when she gets involved with a bunch of séance-addicted youngsters. With the help of a mysterious embalmed hand, the group take it in turns to open their bodies up to whichever spirit lurks nearby. But not every ghoulie is benevolent – or happy to go back to the afterlife once their 90-second visit is over...

In early August, A24 revealed that a Talk to Me sequel is officially in development, and that the Philippou brothers, who first found fame through their YouTube channel RackaRacka will be back to helm the new movie. "TALK 2 ME CONFIRMED! We're ready for round 2! Thankyou @a24," Danny wrote on Instagram at the time.

Released in 2018, Hereditary sees Toni Collette's Annie and her family succumb to the menacing – and murderous – machinations of an ancient demon after her mentally unstable mother passes away. Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne, Milly Shapiro, and Alex Wolff also star.

Talk to Me is still showing in select cinemas worldwide. For more, check out our chat with Danny and Michael Philippou, as well as our list of the most exciting new horror movies on the way.

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