Tales of Symphonia Remastered team apologizes for the "gameplay" and is "investigating a fix"

Tales of Symphonia
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The team behind the remaster of Tales of Symphonia has confirmed that there is "a problem" with the game's current performance and apologized for any "inconvenience caused".

The remaster of the 2004 action-RPG was announced during last September's Nintendo Direct and follows protagonist Lloyd, his friend Colette, and several allies to save their dying world, albeit whilst trying to minimize the repercussions of their actions in other worlds. It's often described as one of the best Gamecube games of all time, and has been re-released several times, including a 2009 PS3 version and a PC port in 2016.

However, the latest remaster has been making waves for all the wrong reasons this time around, with players complaining about the quality of the new Nintendo Switch version, including crashing, missing textures, and a frame rate even lower than the 60fps version that released on the Gamecube. 

Consequently, the Tales Twitter account has posted a Twitter thread for all Japanese fans, promising that the team is "investigating a fix", although it stopped short of giving an estimated timescale or explaining why there are issues in the first place. 

"Thank you for playing Tales of Symphonia Remastered for Nintendo Switch. We have confirmed that there is a problem with gameplay in this product version that is currently on sale," the team said, as translated by Twitter's built-in translation service (thanks, VGC). "We are currently investigating a fix.

"We will inform you about the update for future fixes as soon as it is known," a second tweet says. "We will send it from this account, so please wait for the information. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers."

Without more information, it's difficult to know how or even when the issues will be addressed, but - as always - we'll keep you posted.

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