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XCOM 2 announced for PC. Definitely not Bioshock then

That new game Take Two was teasing has been revealed (opens in new tab) as XCOM 2, a sequel to Enemy Unknown. An early mention of splicing had many (okay me) hoping it might be a new Bioshock (opens in new tab)when it was first shown, via a mysterious website for a corporation called Advent.

However, some previous XCOM assets were soon noticed in the concept art and all the evidence continued pointing that way. Now, we have the official reveal. Oddly, it's PC only this time after an all-formats release previously for Enemy Unknown. I'm guessing console sales weren't up to scratch? Here's the trailer:

The set up is that whoever played the previous game last clearly didn't do a good job, and now the aliens control earth. Humans live in ET-run Advent cities, apparently unaware of their evil overlords and XCOM effectively operates as a guerrilla organisation from a new flying skybase. Among fresh features are new soldier classes and aliens, procedurally generated maps and mention of 'stealth-infused tactics'. Presumably that's come from the new focus on fighting through fully enemy controlled urban locations.

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