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Take a look at GTA 5s incredible PC exclusive video editor

If you can’t wait the few remaining hours until GTA 5 goes live on PC - understandable as it’s considered the 'definitive edition' of the game by GTA V o'clock - you can see the exclusive Rockstar Editor in action in the trailer below.

Not only can you record gameplay, replay sequences and edit your moments of glory on a timeline, you can also add a soundtrack from any of the songs featured in radio stations across the game, and play with audio and depth of field customisation options . Add in camera filters and the Director Mode where you can create your own moments with game tweaks such as low gravity and explosive punches and I’m already ridiculously excited for what will be popping up on YouTube over the coming weeks.

GTA 5 will be unlocked worldwide for play at 12:00am BST on April the 14th.

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