I review board games and these are the 5 tabletop deals I’m looking out for this Prime Day

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By now, you’re probably well primed for finding Prime Day bargains on things like TVs and gaming hardware but did you know one of the unsung heroes of Amazon’s annual event is its tabletop games deals?

We’ve had plenty of hot tabletop releases and some of these are ready to have their first big discount – Prime Day should provide the perfect opportunity for just that. Outside of Black Friday, Prime Day is one of the best opportunities to nab great deals on some of the best board games. So, you can expect to see price reductions on everything from silly party games to complex strategy titles.

While we at GamesRadar+ will be on hand tallying up all of the best Prime Day board game deals when the time comes, I do have a couple of early suggestions for tabletop RPG books, TCGs, and board games to keep in your sights as Prime Day approaches. Ready, set, add to cart!


MTG Fallout Commander deck bundle

Current price: $185.50
Expected price: $165.50

In forecasting the kind of MTG Fallout deals we’ll see this Prime Day, it’s helpful to use the LOTR Universes Beyond as comparison, given they had a similar release window. While MTG Lord of the Rings had an unusual level of hype surrounding it due to the One Ring debacle, its Commander bundle dropped $20 last Prime Day. I’m certainly hoping that the MTG Fallout Commander decks follow this trend.

Buy it if:
✅ You enjoy playing Commander
✅ You’re a fan of Fallout

Don't buy it if:
You’re not into Universes Beyond releases
❌ You prefer other MTG formats

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Dungeons & Dragons Vecna: Eve of Ruin

MSRP: $59.95
Expected price: $50.99

D&D books are almost guaranteed to have their prices slashed during Prime Day sales. A word of warning though: the core rulebooks will be outdated by the end of the year so instead focus on snagging deals on adventure books. The latest campaign book, Vecna: Eve of Ruin is already seeing its price dip a little but we should see a larger discount when it comes to Prime Day. 

Buy it if:
✅ You want an exciting, high-level adventure
✅ You’re invested in D&D’s lore and campaign settings

Don't buy it if:
You want an adventure anthology instead of a long campaign
❌ You prefer to homebrew or write your own content

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Hues and Clues

MSRP: $24.99
Expected price: $17.50

This color-guessing party game is super simple to learn and entertaining to play. Like other party games that have gone viral on TikTok like Wavelength and Tapple, Hues and Clues does see discounts pretty often. However, last Prime Day we saw a massive saving of 32% off. Let’s hope Amazon makes this an annual tradition.

Buy it if:
You want a party board game that’s suitable for families
✅ You need a game suitable for up to 10 players

Don't buy it if:
You want a more complex board game
❌ You’re colorblind (sorry)

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Star Wars Unlimited - Spark of Rebellion Starter Set

MSRP: $34.99
Expected price: $24.99

Star Wars Unlimited may have only been released in March of this year but it’s already starting to make a mark in the TCG space. With its second set, Shadows of the Galaxy releasing in July, this Prime Day feels like a perfect time for products from Spark of Rebellion to hit an all-time low price. The Starter Set has already dropped by $6 this month, so a full $10 off for Prime Day might just be written in the stars. 

Buy it if:
You enjoy games similar to Disney Lorcana
✅ You’re a big fan of Star Wars

Don't buy it if:
You’d prefer to get your hands on booster packs
❌ You’re holding out for the next Star Wars Unlimited set

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Gloomhaven: Buttons and Bugs

Current price: $39.99
Expected price: $20

This new pocket-sized, single-player spin on Gloomhaven is already far kinder on your wallet than the original adventure game, but it should see its first big discount soon. Unfortunately, listing prices so far have been a decent bit above the MSRP but Prime Day sales should hopefully put this right.

Buy it if:
You loved Gloomhaven
✅ You can’t quite handle another Gloomhaven-sized game

Don't buy it if:
You want something to play with friends
❌ You’re saving up for Gloomhaven or Frosthaven

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