Surprise! Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is now available

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Surprise! Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is out now.

Earlier this year at PAX East, Gearbox teased what looked to be either another Bulletstorm re-release or a new Duke Nukem game, and then announced a hybrid of the two: Bulletstorm was coming to Switch, and Duke Nukem was tagging along for the ride.

As Austin reported at the time, Gearbox revealed Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition will include the Duke Nukem DLC which adds an optional skin and voice pack that turns you into Duke. It also includes the other DLCs released for the Full Clip Edition, most notably Blood Symphony and Gun Sonata. Those are a little more expansive than Duke's appearance, but the main draw is still the core FPS game which many, Austin included, insist has aged well. 

Interestingly, it boasts the same remastered visuals as the console edition – albeit at a lower resolution – and will set you back around £25/$30 USD (thanks, COGConnected). 

What's most surprising is that it was released in the most un-Duke way, just silently popping up on the Nintendo eShop overnight without any fanfare whatsoever.

In other Gearbox news, the developer laid out its plans for endgame content and detailed the year-end roadmap for Borderlands 3 post-launch updates, which will include a Halloween-themed event, new game modes, a new map, new enemies, and a paid DLC pack that's included with the season pass. The details were provided at PAX West, where the developers provided a rundown of all the free and paid content coming to Borderlands 3 in 2019.

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