Surf's Up trailer hangs six

According to this trailer for Sony Animation’s bug summer 2007 release, penguins invented surfing. Talking penguins, no less. Whether you believe that or not, this first promo certainly looks impressive, and given that it’s directed by ex-Pixar staffer Ash Brannon and former Disney director Chris Buck, it could be something fun.

The story revolves around that revelation – that it was penguins who first hit the waves and inspired the rest of the surfing world. With the writers and directors clearly having overdosed on the Riding Giants documentary before starting the film, we’re introduced to Zeke “Big Z” Topanga, who broke the barriers of regular surfing and inspired our lead, Cody Maverick (voiced by Shia LaBeouf), who aims to be as big as his hero.

The trailer’s available in various sizes at the Apple site here .

Source: ( Apple )