Superman, Batman and a message of unity is latest new DC series tease from Tom Taylor

(Image credit: Rogê Antônio/Rain Beredo (DC))

Writer Tom Taylor is back on his fifth consecutive day slow teasing the pending launch of what still looks like a new digital-first DC comic book series based on the Injustice video game franchise - the alternate reality in which Superman becomes Earth's totalitarian dictator, opposed by Batman. 

On day five, Taylor tweeted what again appears to be a new piece of art featuring a conversation between Batman and Superman from a satellite space station, likely a version of the Justice League Watchtower. This former headquarters has been out of use in the prime DC continuity with the revival of the Hall of Justice in Scott Snyder's 2018 Justice League run.

The art by Rogê Antônio and Rain Beredo is accompanied by an unattributed quote "That an ideology should never trump the freedom and rights and lives of all people."

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The quote is also noteworthy considering the premise of Injustice, which again is Superman becoming a despot.

Taylor's choice of the word "trump" in the quote might also be worth remembering.

The nature of Superman and Batman's conversation is likely a clue to the nature of the project - with Superman expressing his desire for a divided people of Earth to see it as "one planet."

(Image credit: DC)

Taylor also included the new letter "S" along with the art on his Instagram account. "S" of course may put DC fans in mind of the "S" Superman famously wears on his chest.

On the first two days, Taylor tweeted the letters "I" and then "N", respectively, in the Arial font of the original Injustice: Gods Among Us logo, along with some quotes (check out the details at the link). 

But on the third day, when fans were expecting a "J" to continue towards I-N-J-U-S-T-I-C-E, Taylor threw everyone a curveball instead tweeting a "Z" instead, along with what appears to be a new piece of new art featuring Superman and Batman in their more traditional DC Universe costumes. 

Day four got broke the mold entirely when Taylor posted a new piece of art featuring legacy All-Star Squadron hero Amazing-Man punching Adolph Hitler in something of a broad homage to the famous Captain America Comics #1 cover. The copy art read "Join the Fight For Justice!"

Amazing-Man was created in the '80s and retroactively inserted into DC history. 

Later Wednesday, however, Taylor would tweet the letter "J", again putting all internet Nancy Drews back on the trail of an Injustice revival of some kind. 

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Trying to put all the clues into a coherent whole is challenging at this stage, but the mystery probably won't last for long. Expect DC to launch whatever digital-first series this ultimately is sometime in the next week or so. 

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